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Fanfic Masterlist

Fanfic ate my brain
*headdesk* Did anyone else ever have to post their fic masterlist in three parts? It's embarrassing...

Part 1: Ninth Doctor era fics
Part 2: Tenth Doctor era fics
Part 3: Multi-era fics, other character fics and drabbles


Fanfic Masterlist Part 1: Ninth Doctor

Fanfic ate my brain
Surprise surprise, this thing is too big for one post  :P

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Through A Glass Darkly-Verse - Series Guide

TAGD-verse - NOT for taking
Since this series is a bit complicated and reading chronologically is not the best way to understand what's going on, here's the recommended reading order, under the cut.

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This post will be added to as the series develops.

(And, yes, there were comments to this post, but  I accidentally managed to delete the original post while editing  *sigh*)

Lewis Drabble Challenge Part Deux

Lewis: James Robbie close looking
Discussing drabbles with complexlight and divingforstones reminded me of the previous drabble challenge I hosted here last year. Who'd like to play again?


  • I will post a drabble (drabble meaning a short fic of 100 words exactly)

  • The next person to play will write another drabble starting with the last word of the drabble I post

  • The next person after that must start their drabble with the last word of the previous one

  • ...and so on and so on

  • Play as often as you want!

  • Also, please, for the sake of those who are still waiting to see episodes, no S8 references.


  • post each drabble as a new comment, not as a reply to the previous one - otherwise we could end up with an unmanageable or unviewable comment thread

  • if you want to comment on any of the drabbles, reply to that drabble instead of posting a new comment

  • please only use the most recent drabble to play from, not any that have already been used

  • if, due to timing/ two people accidentally write based on the same drabble, the next person playing can choose which to reply to

  • have fun

Come and play! All welcome :)

A Writers' Questionnaire

Taken from complexlight and paperscribe. Thanks for the idea!

I'm answering based on my Lewis writing, simply because my work in my earlier fandoms isn't as fresh in my memory these days.

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Crowdsourcing: help me identify this music!

Writing playing solitaire
I've been listening to the background music on this video over and over, trying to identify it - I know I know it, and it's driving me mad!

Can anyone help, please? I know there are online sites and apps for this sort of thing, but I don't have a smartphone or microphone.

(Video is a summary of the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum. Tried embedding, but it won't work - sorry).

Found! Courtesy of divingforstones, it's Heart of Courage, by Two Steps from Hell's Invincible album; besides being used in the film Legend, it was also used in some major football matches and at  the beginning of the London 2012 Olympic games athletics finals. Thank you again, DFS!!

For anyone who'd like to listen uncluttered by TV commentary, here's the extended version:

Lewis fic: Omne Trium Perfectum

Lewis Robbie James Laura
Story: Omne Trium Perfectum
Author: wendymr
Characters: Robbie Lewis, James Hathaway, Laura Hobson, Jean Innocent; Robbie Lewis/Laura Hobson and Robbie Lewis/James Hathaway/Laura Hobson
Rated: Teen
Summary: Everything that comes in threes is perfect.

Written for uniquepov in honour of her birthday - which was last week, but the final chapter has only just been posted. With many thanks to divingforstones for really helpful feedback on the final chapter.

Omne Trium Perfectum on AO3

Happy World Cat Day!

So it's World Cat Day today. Who knew? Apparently World Cat Day, also known as International Cat Day, is celebrated throughout the world on August 8th. It was founded in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and other animal rights groups.

So Happy World Cat Day to all the cat-lovers on my flist! Have a cute cat pic:

And here's 15 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs!

I like this one:
3. Cats pull funnier faces than dogs.

Enjoy, and give your pussycat some extra cuddles :)


Lewis Fic: Phone a Friend

Lewis: Robbie on phone
Story: Phone a Friend
Author: wendymr
Rated: PG
Characters: James Hathaway, Robbie Lewis, OC
Summary: "Look, James, I know it’s your weekend off, and you can say no..."

Written for lamardeuse on the occasion of her birthday (posted on AO3 yesterday) and in appreciation of all the wonderful fics she has shared with us all.

Phone a Friend

Lewis drabble: Sentry

Lewis: James serious
Story: Sentry
Author: wendymr
Characters: Robbie Lewis, James Hathaway
Rated: G
Summary: "James knows what day it is, but he’ll never say."

Written for lindenharp in appreciation for a gorgeous icon made for me - thank you!

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12 Characters meme

Writing playing solitaire
Nicked from thesmallhobbit because it looked interesting:

Pick 12 characters from any fandoms and list them before you read the questions that follow.

So I did. I picked my characters, and then put them through a randomiser before looking at the questions. So here they are:

1. Sherlock Holmes
2. Laura Hobson
3. Leo McGarry
4. Greg Lestrade
5. Josh Lyman
6. James Hathaway
7. Ninth Doctor
8. John Watson
9. CJ Cregg
10. Jack Harkness
11. Robbie Lewis
12. Donna Noble

And my questions and answers are:below the cutCollapse )

Agree? Disagree? Any other thoughts? Posting your own list of 12 characters? Comment below!


Wow... they really are listening this time!

LJ: Keep Calm and Rectify Livejournal
New LJ release, with some longed-for but not at all expected changes!

Most important: the old version of the friends list will not be removed, which is not what was said by a staffer in response to a comment on one of the recent feedback posts. This latest news post makes clear that users' concerns are being listened to - for people who are using the new style, it will be possible to customise the look of the friends "feed", and colour and design issues that cause problems for many users will be looked at.

There's still a lot more to do to take LJ back to where most of us were really happy with the look and functionality (as well as believing the company could be trusted), but, on the back of the return of subject-lines in comments last week, this is another huge step in the right direction.


Writing playing solitaire
So something interesting has been happening in LJ-land in the last week or two. Apparently LJ has been sold again (with no fanfare whatsoever on LJ itself), and suddenly LJ staff have been popping out of the woodwork: revitalising the news community and actually using lj_feedback again. And asking questions. Soliciting user opinions - and actually, apparently, listening (a discussion on the feedback comm last week re. the possibility of introducing a +1 button on entries and/or comments (feedback was generally negative; LJ staff posted to say they would not introduce it).

And then today, this post on lj_feedback asking how we use LiveJournal - wow. I haven't read anyone else's comments yet - am just about to - but have posted my own to the thread, and I'm reposting it below the cut for anyone who's interested in reading (warning: long!). Please add your own feedback over on the comm - if there's a chance that we are being listened to this time, we want our wishes heard loud and clear!

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Lewis fic: Covering Up

Lewis: Hathaway at desk
Story: Covering Up
Author: wendymr
Characters: James Hathaway, Jean Innocent, Robbie Lewis
Rated: G
Summary: “Ah. Sergeant Hathaway, you are here. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to where Inspector Lewis might be.”

Written as a birthday gift for divingforstones. And with grateful appreciation to uniquepov for the speedy and helpful BR!

Covering Up on AO3

Lewis fic: Compatibility

Lewis: James broods over drink
Story: Compatibility
Author: wendymr
Characters: Robbie Lewis, James Hathaway
Rated: All Ages
Summary: "Clearly, I'm completely forgettable."

For paperscribe and uniquepov.

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Bait! - a Lewis commentfic

Lewis: James Robbie tying ties
Below the cut: the start of the fic. This will be a work in progress, with no guarantee as to speed of progress or of resolution - read at your own risk!

Bait - by Wendymr and PaperscribeCollapse )

Over to paperscribe...

Lewis fic: Hard Labour

Lewis: RJ outside looking at paper
Story: Hard Labour
Author: wendymr
Characters: Robbie Lewis, James Hathaway, Jean Innocent
Rated: G
Summary: “Stroud CID has been in contact... They would like to borrow your services again." Seven years after their first undercover visit to Gloucester, they're asked to go back.

An unconscionably long time ago, paperscribe earned the right to prompt me for two fics as a result of identifying successfully two of my Yuletide entries. The first fic was written and posted by the beginning of February. The second is finally completed now, and I'm so sorry for the delay! Hope you like it, PS :)

NB: This story is a sequel to A Fine Afternoon for a Stroll

Hard Labour on AO3

Conflagration - a Lewis commentfic

Lewis: Robbie suspicious

A Lewis commentfic challenge for paperscribe.

This will be a work in progress for a while, so anyone who doesn't like being kept on the edge of their seats with fic should wait until it's reposted in full elsewhere. Warning for character in danger in the first instalment, below the cut.

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...and over to paperscribe


Writing playing solitaire
James kisses Robbie


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